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Industrial generators

The industrial generator market is very diverse about quality and origin in Viet Nam. For industrial generators, there are 3 typical markets:

  • Gensets was imported genuine units: There are many manufacturers of engines for generators, but not all brands produce complete generators. If you are looking for a genuine imported generator, just Cummins (USA), Kubota (Kubota Engine America Corporation), Mitsubishi (Japan),…
    Advantages: quality Product, guarantee origin of products
    Disadvantages: High price, long time to import
  • Imported genuine engine, assembled in China: Another choice and quite popular in Vietnam,gensets are assembled in China with genuine imported engine. China with good technology and good assembly skills are the options that you should be considered.
    Advantages: good price, quality products
    – Imported genuine engine, assembled in Vietnam: Another option when the product can solve disadvantages of both above groups.
    Advantages: good price, fast delivery time, quality products, Made in Viet Nam
    With experience as an importer and distributor of genuine Hyundai engines in Vietnam, KPS understands the market of diesel generators and is increasing competitive efficiency.

Currently, KPS is distributing generators using the genuine engine of the brands:

STT Diesel generator power by Origin of power Power Assembled by
1 Cummins China 45 – 1800 KVA China or Viet Nam
2 Perskin (Anh) China 65 – 2250KVA China or Viet Nam
3 Iveco Italy 200KVA Viet Nam
4 Doosan Korea 80 – 750KVA Viet Nam
5 Hyundai Korea 20 – 300KVA Viet Nam
6 Yangdong China 11 – 60KVA China
7 Mitsubishi Japan 15 – 2000KVA China or Viet Nam
8 Kubota Japan 10 – 37KVA China or Viet Nam
9 Yuchai China 75 – 1875KVA China





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