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Why should you choose Fire Pumps by KPS ?

Preparing for fire prevention is extremely difficult for businesses and organizations by two reasons:
– The fire pumps supply market in Vietnam has not been strictly controlled , low quality products are mixed, difficult to distinguish.
– Fire prevention is a special field, with a lot of technical knowledge and market knowledge, especially most company without a staff can distinguish quality products and poor quality products.

So It is not easy to choose a partner to trust. Fire pumps by KPS operate on the principle of “Sustainable development” for the benefit of customers and the community. Before making your decision, fire pumps by KPS have achieved how many percent your business / organization’s expectations.

Product quality: point 8/10
First reason of origin: Products are imported genuinely, full CO, CQ.
About brand: complete fire pumps will combine the engines and pumps. The quality of the fire pumps will depend on the quality of these two elements. Diesel engines: Hyundai (Korea), Daedong (Korea), Doosan (Korea), Quanchai (China). Electric motors: Elektrim (Singapore), Att (Singapore), Teco (Taiwan), Weg (Brazil). Pumps: Ebara, Pentax. All these brands are well-known and high quality.

Third is about price. Customers can see fire pumps by KPS prices as higher when compared to the prices of many products on the market. Because of this, we lose the absolute points ! It’s simple to explan about that: The high quality, the same price. Customers can get the price at KPS as a standard for genuine fire pumps prices.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column][vc_column_text]




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